August 16, 2016

About me

My name is Anna Durham. I am, most simply, a writer who loves to help people. I am happiest when I am meeting the practical needs of others. This desire to help led me years ago to a career in nursing. My nursing experience has opened my eyes to another need:  the fundamental (and sorely lacking) need for effective communication. And that idea began a whole new adventure for me.

My experience in writing and publishing includes proofreading for a well-known publishing house, serving as managing editor for a regional magazine, and helping many small businesses and non-profits with things like collateral, scripts, TV production, Web copy and promotional materials.

My unique mix of medical experience and writing places me directly at the intersection of education and information. I have the ability to take complex ideas and concepts and make them accessible to everyday people. And isn’t that what all want at the end of the day—to be understood?

Won’t you let me help you? If copy that is spot on and on time, every time is your dream, contact me and let’s talk.

Member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).