Write copy like a HIPster

Regardless what you are marketing, effective copywriting is a must. When creating that amazing copy for your customers, crafting writing that grabs your readers is pretty simple–especially if you remember to be HIP. Keep these three simple things in mind and you will create copy that works hard for you.


It should be, first of all, truthful. Dishonesty kills. It is almost impossible to win back clients turned off by the fake. Your customers need to feel they can trust you before they will interact with you. If you are honest you will build a following that will be fiercely loyal to you. Don’t be afraid to be honest; embrace it and your customers will love you for it.


Give your readers what they crave–information. Data of any kind is powerful. Teach them something. Make them think. Challenge their ideas about something. Accurate information also builds trust, making this a powerful tool. Information really is power and when it bolsters your case you’ll be unstoppable.


You have to relate to them right where they are, or where they want to be. A compelling story draws your readers in, makes them part of your tribe, creates raving fans. When you can connect on a personal level your copy will hit the mark every time.

These simple but important steps will ensure your copy gets the HIP results you are looking for–happy customers and a relationship that will last for the long haul.

If you need help making sure your materials are HIP or you just want to leave the writing to me, please contact me and let’s talk.

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