Setting goals–or not

This is the time of year when the G word is on everyone’s lips: GOALS. The New Year naturally brings to mind all the wonder and promise of a newborn baby. But people usually forget what comes with that bundle of joy–a ton of pressure and expectation. Yikes!

Maybe this year we set fewer lofty goals and determine instead to explore what we want to happen this year as it unfolds. What if we actually got the year going and along the way we see what (and who) is happening in our lives and create goals that fit within that framework? What would it feel like to just enjoy the newness and potential of 2017 without shoehorning it into our goals until we see what we can actually make happen?

…or maybe goals are what we need to frame out our months. Goals can give order to our days and purpose to our weeks. Reaching goals (and most especially especially smashing them) affords a satisfaction that few other things can. After all, how can we expect to make progress without a plan to get there?

There are merits–and drawbacks–to both approaches. Personality, time, motivation, career, history all factor in to our decision to go formal or let things develop organically.

Are you creating goals for 2017?


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