Time for New Adventures

courtesy Lia

courtesy Lia

Hello again my friends! It has been three very long years since I shut down my [homeschool] blog. So much has changed. I stopped homeschooling. I divorced. I moved to another state. I remarried.




For a season I was a turtle buried deep in the perceived comfort of my shell. It was a time of pain and sorrow, healing and renewal. I have emerged stronger, more focused and happier than I have probably ever been.

With all this change one constant has been words, writing. There is a solace I have found in the palliative nature of an exquisitely written and impeccably timed word. And I have missed the interaction and accountability that a blog brings. It’s time to shed my shell and once again enjoy the warmth–and vulnerability– of the sunlight.

So here we are again, my friend. As I leave PrincipledMom behind and get more comfortable in my own writer’s skin I hope you will join me to see where this new adventure will take us.

Keep moving forward!

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